Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oh Coffee, how I love thee...

3am wake ups just don't make for a good start to the morning.  It wouldn't be so bad apart from the fact that Mr Man stays awake just long enough to make it pointless for me to go back to sleep.  So here I am at 4:45am and I would like to share the silver lining.

Yes, I was up at 3am today BUT it is now 5am and I have...taken a shower, run the dishes, fed the baby (of course teehee), caught up on some blogs I'm following, set up Lady Bugs activities for the day and I still have 2 hours before the 2 year old will be up :-)

So now I'm going to sit and sip my first cup of coffee of the morning and enjoy the serenity while I can!

What do you do when faced with an early morning that you don't necessarily want?

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