Thursday, April 18, 2013

Keyed in and gearing up!

So I we've been in North Carolina for about 4 months now.  Our house is (sort of) unpacked and decorated, we have a weekly schedule of activities and we're FINALLY generally feeling like we're at home!!  I have a few friendships blooming and have gotten to see a few old friends that have moved to bases near ours.  All in all a very successful move I think! 

Now comes yet another joy of military life - deployment.

My husband and I have been married for almost 4 years and we have yet to face a deployment together.  We are INCREDIBLY blessed to have been able to spend the first 4 years of our marriage together while also being a military family so it came as no surprise when we PCSed to this base that we were handed deployment orders.  Obviously due to OPSEC I will not be disclosing most details but I will say in a few months my husband and I will be saying good bye until next year.  Which means he won't be here for Thanksgiving or Christmas, or New Years but we'll get through that.  He WILL be here for our sons first birthday and we just had our daughters third so at least he won't be missing birthdays :-)

As you can tell I'm not looking at this in a "OMG My life is over!" kind of way and nor should any other military spouse.  This is a fact of life for us.  Am I going to be sad sometimes, yes.  Am I going to cry myself to sleep more often than I'd like to admit after he leaves,  of course!  But I'm also going to slap on a smile, take a deep breath and get through each and every day and make it FUN.  I'm already starting deployment related actitivities with my 3 year old (we're making a small scrapbook for Daddy to take with pictures she's drawn and picking her favorite family pictures to add) and I'm making plans that involve traveling to places that are tricky when we're looking at his work schedule.  So Grandmas for Thankgiving and Great Grandmas for Christmas ect.  This is going to be one of the hardest things we have EVER faced as a couple but also one of the best.  Yep that's right I said THE BEST.  I remember when I was a kid and my Dad deployed I got to watch my Mom become Super Mom.  She did it all with amazing grace and confidence and when my Dad got home there was this moment of pure joy between them that was just impossible to miss.  They also grew as a couple with each and every deployment, learning what works for them and what doesn't, and finding out all the things they enjoy doing "together"  (one of there favorite things was to choose a book before the deployement began and they'd read it "together" and send letters back and forth about there thoughts and feelings on the book.  I thought that was just fantastic :-) ).  Life handed us lemons and I'm going to make some damn lemonade hehehe!

So readers out there in the world, my blog is probably going to change even more over the next year.  Right now I'll admit that I'm terrible about actually remembering to update and write new posts.  I get these ideas about a great topic and then forget to post because I'm busy fixing hubbys Blues or some such thing.  I'm hoping that I'll be able to update more often come deployment time because I'm going to have plenty of long lonely nights to write!  Also the contents of my posts are going to change.  In the past I haven't posted much about the military life although it's a huge part or my families identity and that's going to change.  I'm hoping to be able to post something good everyday as well as sharing the hard parts of what's ahead of us.  From the preperation (or where on earth are we going to find $500 for deployment gear before hubby leaves...better cut the budget AGAIN) to the leaving, to finding our deployemnt footing, to He's Home now how do we work as a couple after being apart for so long.  During all of this I'm still going to do homeschooling posts because hey, we're still homeschoolers it's just going to be a different variety.  We're going to do some focusing on where Daddy is (so lots of geography and history especially by 3 year old standards!) and about other families like us.  I hope none of you mind and who knows, maybe we can find another family like ours out in there in the world to share our experiences with!

So all in all out life is good.  It's complicated but it's good.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Making a commitment to me.

As most of you know weight loss is not a topic I typically write about.  It's something that has been haunting me since the birth of my son and I'm finally making a commitment to it.  Our church began I bible study called "Made to Crave" which has been a real eye opener for me.  That being said I've made an appointment for today with the nutritionist on base and I'm going to start working one day at a time towards eating healthy and exercising and hopefully it will get me somewhere!  To be honest I can't afford the slim fast style shakes that are out there,  the weight watchers programs, or the pills to help me lose weight or even to pay someone to help me get a workout routine.  This is going to be 100% all natural weight loss made from hard work and eating less than my body is burning. 
The only thing I MAY try is the Melaleuca GC control shakes because we're due to be getting a free batch soon thanks to being preferred customers (I love you Melaleuca!)  But that's it! 

Start - 208lbs
LTGW - 130lbs
STGW - 198lbs

Now time to convince my husband that I should get a treat for every 10lbs I lose!  ;-)