Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Making a commitment to me.

As most of you know weight loss is not a topic I typically write about.  It's something that has been haunting me since the birth of my son and I'm finally making a commitment to it.  Our church began I bible study called "Made to Crave" which has been a real eye opener for me.  That being said I've made an appointment for today with the nutritionist on base and I'm going to start working one day at a time towards eating healthy and exercising and hopefully it will get me somewhere!  To be honest I can't afford the slim fast style shakes that are out there,  the weight watchers programs, or the pills to help me lose weight or even to pay someone to help me get a workout routine.  This is going to be 100% all natural weight loss made from hard work and eating less than my body is burning. 
The only thing I MAY try is the Melaleuca GC control shakes because we're due to be getting a free batch soon thanks to being preferred customers (I love you Melaleuca!)  But that's it! 

Start - 208lbs
LTGW - 130lbs
STGW - 198lbs

Now time to convince my husband that I should get a treat for every 10lbs I lose!  ;-)

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