Monday, October 15, 2012

How exausting!

Mr Man NOT sleeping at 4am!
It's funny that I'm starting to feel like the mother of a newborn again!  For some reason dear Mr Man has begun waking up at all hours of the night again (for instance last night was midnight, 2am and then 4am he decided it was morning) and it's got me running on near empty.  Between him, Bug and her schooling, the housework, my bible study and trying to get myself back into some shape other than lumpy I am just flat out exhausted so forgive me if my blogs begin to take on that tone you get when you haven't slept in a week lol!

Miss Bug is really starting to excel in her fine motor skills and her letters are becoming more and more recognizable which is really exciting for both of us!  Even her Daddy could read her name when she copied it yesterday (we're still tracing at the moment but I think we'll be starting to try and write from memory in a few weeks when she feels a bit more successful)  We're also starting the "Teach You Child to Read in Just Ten Minutes a Day" method by Sidney Ledson today.  I've read through the book and it does seem like it could be an approach that works for us, especially since she gets to be in charge of Teddy or Dollys education as well which I think she'll get a HUGE kick out of!  I'll keep you posted on how it works out for us and hopefully I'll be able to recommend it :-)

My little Princess :-)
Bug is also offically in the "princess" phase.  She would not leave the house last week without a beautiful dress, her princess shoes, princess hat and princess necklace!  It's extremely adorable but I also don't want to encourage the usual things like vanity that go along with Princess behavior so I bought her Veggitales "The Penniless Princess" which is an incredibly cute movie that is based on "The Little Princess" which used to be my favorite movie as a little girl. I love, Love, LOVE it!  Even I was singing along to it and enjoying the story which isn't actually surprising as I seem to do that with all the Veggitales shows.

Sadly her potty training is at a stand still.  We've got peeing in the potty down and no issues there.  We've only had one accident in the past 3 weeks BUT she can't seem to figure out pooing in the potty!  Does anyone out there have any tips on how to combat this?!?  I feel like we're never going to get past this point but I also know that there is no way she'll go to college in diapers *sigh* 

Todays craft - Stringing some fall leaves made out of construction paper on to string to make a beautiful fall ceiling decoration (got the idea from Enchanted Learning which is a fantastic resource!)

Have a Blessed Day and send me those potty training tips!  Please?!

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